Helix Ground Screws for Decking and Landscaping Application


  • NSaves time
  • NSaves you money by reducing overall time spent on site
  • NLittle to no ground disturbance surround the ground screws
  • NNo concrete needed meaning less work and mess onsite
  • NNo digging holes for hours and hours to accommodate traditional piles
  • NCan be utilised in multiple applications
  • NCan be installed in many different ground types
  • NAvailable with a PS1 for applications that require a building consent
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Helix Ground Screws are marketed and distributed by One Stop Deck Shop

Screw Range

Deck Screws

Designed with decking in mind, our Helix Deck Screws are manufactured to hold and support a horizontal deck bearer or deck joist. The Helix Deck Screw head can accommodate a timber bearer or joist up to 95mm in width so are perfect for a 90×90 bearer or two 90×45 joists, the Helix Deck Screws come in a range of lengths including 865mm, 1000mm and 1200mm. We can assist with determining the best screw and timber requirement for your project.

Post Screw

Ideal for landscaping applications such as fences and pergola’s. Helix Post Screws are designed to hold a 90×90 timber post in a species of your choosing making it ideal for supporting landscaping structures such as pergola posts or fence posts. One Stop Deck Shop can also supply a range of suitable 90×90 timber posts in many different species to achieve your desired look.

Multiuse Screws

Helix Ground Screws also offer screws with heads in both round flat plates and square flat plates making it ideal for non-standard applications, supports for garden sheds or raised planter boxes and other similar applications. Helix Ground Screw’s offer a round flat plate head with a diameter if 220mm and multiple fixing points and a square flat plate head with a size of 160x160mm with multiple fixing points.


Helix Ground Screws are installed using specialist tools by expert installers

All installation sites are assessed for suitability prior to installation before being marked out using a laser level to ensure accurate screw placement. Your expert installer then uses a specialist tool to drive the Helix Ground Screw into the ground causing little to no disturbance to the ground surrounding the screws. Contact One Stop Deck Shop today to talk to us about using Helix Ground Screws through one of our preferred installers.

Our Process

Our experts at One Stop Deck Shop can step you through the process so you can sit back and relax!