Helix Ground Screw Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How deep does a Helix Ground Screw need to be screwed into the ground?

A: It depends of the ground type but we recommend a minimum of 50% of the screw is driven into the ground.

Q: What are the screws made of?

A: Steel and they are galvanised. Production & processes are certified according to ISO 9001 standards.

Q: Lowest possible height including decking?

A: Using the shortest Helix Ground Screw (865mm long), install the screw into the ground as far as possible. Insert a 90×90 bearer, install joist hangers, install 90×45 framing into the joist hangers, install decking = approximately 150mm from ground surface to top of decking.

Q: What is the highest possible height including decking?

A: The longest screw we have is 1200mm long, when 50% of the screw is sunk into the ground and a 90×90 bearer is installed in the ‘U’ shaped head, then the height from the ground surface to the top of the bearer is approximately 600mm. Add your desired joist on top of the bearer and add your decking thickness, for example, a 190×45 joist and a 19mm thick kwila deck board = 600mm (1200mm screw & bearer) + 190mm joist + 19mm decking = approximately 810mm from the ground surface to the top of the decking.

Q: What other heights can be achieved?

A: Different heights between 150mm and 810 mmm can be achieved by 1) using a different length of screw, 2) how deep the screw is screwed into the ground, 3) if joist hangers are used meaning the 90×45 framing doesn’t sit higher than the height of the 90×90 bearer or, 4) what size joist is used on-top of the 90×90 bearer.

Q: What ground types are suitable for the screws?

A: Many ground types are suitable for using Helix Grounds Screws however the following ground types should be avoided: sandy ground & hard rock / bed rock ground types.

Q: Is the screw suitable for sea spray/ marine environments?

A: No, the screw is galvanised so should not be used in consented applications that are classified as marine/ sea spray zones.

Q: Do I need a building consent to use Helix Ground Screws?

A: Projects that do not require a council consent can use Helix Ground Screws. For projects that require a council consent, a PS1 can be provided with the Helix Ground Screw to assist with achieving a consent however, it is best that the homeowner checks with their local council to ensure their specific project is compliant.

Q: What other screws are available?

A: We have a post screw suitable for installing a 90×90 post in. We have a screw with a flat 160mm x 160mm square top and a screw with a flat 220mm diameter round top that is suitable for many uses such as foundations for shipping containers, garden sheds etc.

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